18 Must-Read Articles From Male Unemployment To Mind-Reading Robots


What is wrong with tolerance Great essay on the flaws of tolerance from its origins of protecting the dominant religious group  of a country to its flaw around tolerating intolerance. The essayist instead argues that societies should focus on reciprocal exchange. This is the process of understanding the benefits and responsibilities of each person to each other.

‘Governments don’t want us to think that protest has power’ Great interview of one of my favourite musical artists, Saul Williams. He talks about the power of language. His love of Shakespeare and Public Enemy. And the need for hip hop artists to reclaim their rebellious spirit rather than embracing the establishment.

How Much Does Education Improve Intelligence? A Meta-Analysis They crunch the numbers and find: “Education appears to be the most consistent, robust, and durable method yet to be identified for raising intelligence.”

Is Washington Boosting Ties With Taiwan? Argues that at this stage Trump’s stance towards Taiwan has changed in form rather than substance.


We’re Late Cycle. How Late is the Question. Good run-through the main indicators of recessions: yield curve, unemployment rate and earnings, 15week or more unemployment rate and jobless claims. All suggest a recession is some way off – most likely late 2019 or 2020.

Why Aren’t More Men Working? Greg Mankiw argues that poor education, too kind parents, government support and globalisation have all played a role.

Euro area reform cannot ignore the monetary realm Argues that euro-area doesn’t just need to reform fiscal rules, but also the ECB

Foreign-law bonds: can they reduce sovereign borrowing costs? After 55 pages, this ECB study finds that yes they do!

Growing non-tariff and overall protection For all the talk of the era of free trade before 2008, the essay finds that non-tariff measures had been growing even as tariff rates were falling.,

Determinants of U.S. Business Investment IMF paper argues that a cautious outlook on demand growth and the oil sector account for much of the weakness.

AI and Tech

China and the US are racing to develop AI weapons The article discusses the advantages each country has over the other in the integration of AI into the military. It discusses the Terminator conundrum and also on how China is less constrained by ethical norms that could constrain the US.

Thousands of Swedes are inserting microchips into themselves – here’s why Swedes love biohacking and love technology, so why not insert chips to use on the subway.

On the path to an artificial cell This is for biology nerds. Scientists are getting closer to creating an artificial cell. They’ve worked out a way to introduce a simple metabolic function into small droplets – an important first step to their goal.

Mind-reading robots are no longer science fiction The future has arrived. By combining the electric activity of the brain (EEG) and arm muscles (EMG), scientists have created a robot that can be controlled with thoughts and hand gestures.

Self-Help and Distractions

Dancing in movies “A supercut montage of dance scenes from over 300 movies (like School of Rock, The Wizard of Oz, Footloose, Dances With Wolves, West Side Story, and Straight Outta Compton).”

Barack Obama Shares a List of Enlightening Books Worth Reading  Remember this chap, Obama? Anyway, he wrote a couple of good books a number of years ago. This article lists his current favourite books , six in all, with his own summaries of each. A man after my own heart

In praise of the midges pestering footballers in the World Cup Yes, an article praising the virtues of these bugs that were swarming around England team in the first match. Apparently midges help clear sewage, are nutritious and they dance.

A Japanese Artist’s Charming Cookbook Illustrations A fun and unusual set of illustrations for a cookbook



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