20 Life Tips For 2020

Welcome to 2020, and what better way to start the year than with helpful life tips. Rather than give my own, I’ve selected the 20 most popular recent ones from the Reddit LifeProTips discussion thread. Here they are:

1. If a friend or a family member gets diagnosed with dementia or alzheimer, in the early stages try to find out what their favorite songs of all time are. In this way you would be able to create a playlist for them that could be of great benefit in the later stages of the disease.

2. If you ever forget your WiFi password or you want to get your school WiFi password etc. Just type this command into the command line of a computer already connected to that WiFi: netsh wlan show profile WiFi-name key=clear

3. Keep inviting that friend who always says no. ( Some folks really would like to be included but really do have other obligations, or maybe they’re just super shy…)

4. After a bad break up, do 10 things that your ex would never do with you. You’ll feel better and realize how much of yourself was being held back.

5. If you need somewhere to work/relax with friendly staff, nice AC, plenty of seating, free WiFi, and available all across the US, you’re in luck! There are more public libraries in the US than there are Starbucks or McDonalds! And you’re under no obligation to buy anything to sit there

6. If there is anyone at your job you don’t like, always take special care not to take vacation at the same time as them. Having toxic/stressful people gone from the office is like a mini vacation by itself that you would miss out on if you are gone.

7. As a manager, give praise in public and discipline in private.

8. Librarians aren’t just random people who work at libraries they are professional researchers there to help you find a place to start researching on any topic.

9. If you need to wait until your boss is in a good mood to ask for something as simple as time off, you’re in a toxic work environment and you need to take steps to exit sooner than later.

10. Ever need another email address but don’t want to register a whole new account? If you add a “+1”, “+2”, etc. before the @ in your email address, websites will register it as a new email, but still send mail to your normal address. Makes organizing accounts or endless free trials much easier!

11. If your child does something (like cleaning) out of the norm, don’t ridicule them for it. Positively reinforce it.

12. Be skeptical of products that say “Clinically proven”. That is a marketing term and only says they’ve done their own private study that is designed to show the result the company wants. It is not the same as a “Scientifically proven” study which is published and open for peer review.

13. Never tell a coworker anything you wouldn’t want your manager to hear no matter how much you trust them.

14. Parents of teens, give your child an innocuous sounding phrase to text you as a code for “get me out of here” when they want to avoid peer pressure but not look like they are bailing/lame

15. Adopt an adult dog from a shelter if you want a companion but don’t have time/ patience to train a puppy. They are already potty trained in most cases and love you all the same.

16. Learn excel. It’s one of the most under-appreciated tools within the office environment and rarely used to its full potential

17. If clothes or towels have a mildew smell, add some plain white vinegar to the washing machine, along with detergent, for the freshest smelling laundry ever. Note: Clothes will NOT smell like vinegar. It is highly diluted as well as going through the rinse cycle. Tried and true. Thanks Grandma!

18. If you have an Android phone, go to the developer options and set Animation Time to x0.5! Your phone will feel like it’s gotten a huge processor update.

19. When you receive a hospital bill, ask them for an itemized bill and it will be much cheaper

20. If you think someone has forgotten your name, skip the awkwardness and mention it in third person.(I worked into conversation said something like “I have a tendency to leave things till the last minute, and my roommate is like Rebecca! Why are you like this?” I could see the relief on the other persons face when I said it. )


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