3 Cool Techie Things…

Levitating speaker1. Memoir app. If you’re anything like me, you have thousands of stored photos that never see the light of day. This free app, sends you a daily email of photos taken on your phone exactly one and two years ago. You get to see your archive and relive some great memories

2. Google reverse image search. In the latest web browser updates, there is now a little camera icon in the Google image search box. You can upload any photos, and Google will search the web for any matches! It’s pretty cool. I put my photo in, and it came back with some exact matches. It also came back with “visually similar images” of Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio…pretty cool… until up popped: Will Ferrell. I guess it will improve with time!

3. Helium Levitate. This is one of those silly but fun toys for boys. It’s a levitating speaker! It’s shown in the picture above, and is basically a strongly magnetised base unit and speaker. Half the fun, is trying to position the speaker correctly.Once floating it is strangely hypnotic.


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