5 Grown-Up Movies I Recently Watched (and Liked)

Confessions (Japan, 2010)
Confessions_(2010)_film_posterAn original and disturbing movie, especially for parents out there. I don’t want to give too much a way, except to say that it is about a teacher who wants to get extract confessions out of two pupils she believed killed her child. As they would be protected by law for murder (as juveniles), she exacts revenge meticulously.

Not Suitable For Children (Australia, 2012)
NotsuitableforchildrenposterA surprisingly good Aussie romantic comedy. The premise is that an irresponsible twenty-something discovers he has four weeks to have children. He then tries to re-connect with past girlfriends (and others) to see whether they would want to be the mother. Funny, sweet and well-made.


Chocolate (Thailand, 2008)
Chocolate_2008_posterIf you’re sick of CGI and wire-fu action scenes, then this stripped back Thai action movie is for you. All the stunts were done by the main protagonist,¬†Yanin “Jeeja” Vismistananda. Indeed, the trailer for the movie shows the out-takes, where she got injured. The story is a straight-forward revenge movie, production values are low, there’s lots of gore. I loved it.

Concussion (US, 2013)
Concussion_Movie_Poster_2013No, not the one with Will Smith. In fact, you’d get a shock if you thought it was. This one is about a middle-class married lesbian who starts a parallel life as a prostitute, after suffering a concussion. All tastefully done, I should add. A commentary on the mundaneness of suburban family life told through an unusual filter.

How To Get Away With Murder (US, 2014-)
p10777346_b_v9_agI admit this is not movie, but I love this TV show. It’s fast paced, full of twists and keeps you guessing. Viola Davis (“The Help”, “Prisoners”) is brilliant as the lead. You have to put with gratuitous “romantic” scenes, but that’s a price well worth paying. Oh, and it’s got the British actor Alfred Enoch, he played “Dean Thomas” in the Harry Potter movies!


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