6 TV Shows I’m Loving

With the COVID lockdown continuing, I’m zipping through TV shows. Here are the recent ones I’ve really enjoyed:

Gangs of London (Sky Atlantic [UK] / AMC [US]) – definitely one for grown-ups. This is about the violent struggle amongst rival gangs after the heads of one of the families is assassinated. It captures the international side of London well with Albanian, Kurdish, and Pakistani gangs. The show was created by Gareth Evans who made one of the best action franchises of all-time, the Indonesian Raid films.

Bridgerton (Netflix) – some call this a cross between Gossip Girl and Downton Abbey. I never watched Gossip Girl, but this is certainly racy and gossipy. But it’s also a great story of betrayal and love in uptight Regency-era England. It has great costumes and a great soundtrack (they create classical versions of current pop songs).

Lupin (Netflix) – I’ve just started to watch this and I’m loving it. It’s a kinda French version of the Spanish smash hit Money Heist (La Casa De Papel). It’s got the actor from the excellent French film Intouchables, Omar Sy. He’s a master of disguise, who embarks on some outrageous thefts.

Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix) – this has been running for a few years, but I only recently discovered it. It’s a mad comedy about a woman who becomes a zombie and tries to live a normal life in American suburbia. Drew Barrymore is the lead. You should watch season 1 – it’s got a lot of (fun) shock value. The other seasons are not so good.

Lucifer (Amazon Prime) – I’ve often seen this show appear on my Amazon Prime home screen, but I’ve ignored it until recently. Now, I’m on season 3 and really like it. I’m thinking about why it is good. Of course, the premise of the devil deciding to leave hell and live in LA is cute. But the best thing is the lead character Lucifer is a camp English guy who interacts with lots of earnest Americans. It makes it funnier than most crime shows.

Teen Wolf (Netflix) – I’ve been watching this with the (teenage) kids. It’s been around for a while and we’ve only now watched it. It’s nothing like the original Michael J Fox film from my youth instead it’s kinda like a cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight. So, a high school drama where some of the kids have to deal with being a werewolf. Seasons 1 to 4 are good, but it goes downhill from season 5.

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