7 Cool Things To Do In New York


I’m often in NY and make an effort to find interesting and different places to hang out in or experience. Below are 7 worth checking out:

  • Sleep No More (The McKittrick Hotel, 530 West 27th Street, NY 10001). Mind-blowing theatrical experience. You take a lift to a 1920s speakeasy bar, where you can have a drink and later return to. You are called out in groups to enter the multi-floored venue wearing a mask. The feel is one of  a haunted house and you suddenly see actors/dancers performing. The plot is loosely based on Macbeth. You follow different actors. Truly immersive and perhaps the most original play I’ve ever attended.

  • Bouwerie Iconic Magazine (215 Bowery,NY 10002). Not only do I love books, I’m also always on the look-out for different and original magazines. I was then happy to come across this convenience store that had an impressive array of them. The façade of the shop wasn’t much to look at, but looks can be deceptive.
  • La Colombe Torrefaction (400 Lafayette St, NY 10003). Round the corner from the magazine shop was this great café. It had excellent coffee and I discovered a new type of coffee drink called a “cortado” (a bit like a flat white). It had a central bar and seating around the perimeter of the cafe. The crowd was hipster (beards and buttoned up shirts), but didn’t feel pretentious.
  • Fly, You Fools (People’s Improv Theatre, 123 E 24th St, NY 10010). One the funniest shows around. Three actors improvise the Lord Of the Rings trilogy. You don’t need to be a fan of LotR (I’m not) to enjoy it. Ever creative with minimal props, and what takes it to another level is the sound artist Blair Busbee. Better than anything on Broadway!
  • Kellogg’s NYC (1600 Broadway, NY 10019).There are many downsides to staying in a hotel near Times Square, but it did allow me to discover a newly opened cereal café. It serves a wide of range of cereals all day long! Frivolous and fun.
  • The Library at The NoMad (1170  Broadway,NY 10001). My dream setting for a light snack and tea – a curated library! It is in the trendy NoMad hotel, and has great service. You can pick out a book and sit for a few hours reading and sipping tea.
  • Radiance Tea House and Books (208 E 50th St, NY 10022). More tea than books, but what an impressive selection of teas. This Chinese-run establishment has very distinctive types of teas, mainly from China. I only spent a brief time there, but plan to go back.

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