7 Shows I Love on Netflix

With the sweltering heat, I’ve had more time indoors, which only means one thing: Netflix:

Stand-up comedy

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette – perhaps the most original stand-up comedy routine in years. Gadsby starts with a standard routine throwing out a joke a minute, but soon it gets meta. She starts talking about the structure of jokes and gives her earlier jokes as examples. She then gets serious on use of self-depreciation by comedians on the fringes (of identity) and it ends with a powerful message. Unmissable.

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife – what makes Ali Wong so funny is the dissonance between her appearance pregnant Asian-American and the expletive-laden jokes coming out of her mouth. Of course, every joke is very very funny.

Dave Chappelle: Equanimity – Chappelle is the master of skewering political correctness. He talks race, transgender issues and politics.


Living On One Dollar – 4 young Americans film their 60 days in Guatemala trying to live on one dollar a day. The documentary captures the extremely tough lives of people living below the poverty line. It’s not all depressing as you admire the versatility and big-heartedness of the locals. It also makes you appreciate how rich we are in the West with running water, electricity, a roof over our heads…

Meru – another documentary, this time following a group of men trying to climb one of toughest peaks in the Himalayas, Meru. Visually stunning, thought provoking and heart-breaking in parts.


Queen Of the South – I love discovering a new show to binge-watch and this does the trick. It follows the path of a woman, Teresa, who has to flee Mexico to the US after her drug-running boyfriend is murdered. She then joins a drug cartel and slowly works her way to the top. Great characters, lots of cliff-hangers and I’m desperate for Season 3.

Seven Seconds – just started watching this. A white cope accidentally hits and kills a black teenager. The families on both sides see their lives slowly implode as their town explodes in racial tension. Delicately done.



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