8 Podcast Shows I’m Loving

As many of you know, I’m a fan of podcasts. I even have two of my own shows (Deep See and Macro Hive Conversations). So here are eight shows I’ve recently discovered that I’m loving:

Kermode on Film Mark Kermode is one of the best film critics around. In this show, he dives into certain films or interviews actors. One of for film buffs.

Naval Naval Ravikant is a tech entrepeneur is famous for his wise tweets. In these (very) short podcast episodes he expands on many of his nuggets of wisdom. Great for entrepreneurs.

Wooden Overcoats Very funny sitcom about rival funeral companies in some random part of England.

Dan Snow’s History Hit I’m new to this, but apparently it’s one of the most widely listened to history podcasts. Snow is a great host and the topics range from The Habsburgs to Akbar the Great.

The Portal Eric Weinstein Weinstein is a Managing Director at Thiel Capital, so there’s a certain nostalgic (to the 1950s/60s) tinge to this. He’s a super-smart host and has great guests where they talk demographics (which inspired my recent blog on Gen x), tech and much more.

Adam Buxton Podcast There are so many comedian interview podcasts, but this one stands out for its very anti-flashy production values. Low-key, rambling and funny in a very British way. Buxton gets the best out of his guests.

The Prof G Show with Scott Galloway Galloway is a marketing guru, entrepreneur and academic and he rants about the injustices of the world. Love it.

Mission To Zyxx Another great comedy – this time an improvised science fiction one. Funny.


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2 thoughts on “8 Podcast Shows I’m Loving”

  1. I love Galloway tbh I prefer Galloway’s podcast with Kara Swisher it’s called Pivot. Two shows a week insightful. They recently interviewed our former DB colleague Stephanie Ruhle.

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