9 Cool New Useful Apps I’m Loving!

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I’m always on the look out for cool new apps and here’s nine of my latest discoveries

  1. Twizoo – there are loads of restaurant recommendation apps from curated ones like Time Out to user generated lists like Foursquare. This is completely different – at least visually. It generates bubbles of local restaurants/cafes. The size of the bubble shows how much Twitter traffic (or buzz) there is about the place and the colour represents how good the place is based on the content of the tweets. Green is good, yellow middling and red is bad.

2. Dark Sky – I live in London, so knowing when it will rain is very very important. This app provides the most detailed localised information on rain by the hour. (Oh, it works in any country)

3. Screen – I love Netflix, but even with the supposedly good Netflix search and recommendation system I still find that I’m missing out on the good stuff. “Screen” overcomes that. It picks out the best TV or films by category, shows which ones will soon disappear or appear and provides top 20 recommendations.

4. Soon – one of those apps that you wonder wasn’t invented sooner! It allows  you to create lists of stuff you’d like to see/visit/read. The categories includes books, films and restaurants. For example, I hear about a good restaurant, so rather than scribbling it down in Notepad or Evernotes, I can input it in “Soon”.It will then locate the restaurant, find the address and put it on your list. You then have a record of the places you want to visit “Soon” (get it!). After visiting it, you can rate it and it goes into your “Done” list. Brilliant.

5. RealizD – an ironic app in some ways as I got this to manage my phone addiction. I’ve noticed I check my phone very often. This app actually tracks how often you pick up your phone and for how long. You can then track your addiction. At the moment I’m picking up my phone every 17 minutes. Gosh.

6. StumbleUpon – there is so much good content on the web, and so much terrible content. Finding ways to filter the good stuff is therefore the big challenge. There’s bunch of apps that I like that do this (Clipboard, Digg, Feedly), but this is my favourite. It uses a Tinder-style swipe mechanism to through/rate articles and you can select a wide of categories from business to movies.

7. PLM Connect – I just heard about this. PLM stands for Patients Like Me and it’s essentially a patient sharing app. Whatever condition you have from chronic ones like diabetes or depression to fleeting ones like colds, you can find what medications people have taken and which ones work. Specific medicines are mentioned, the ranges of dosages taken, and people’s feedback on them. People also provide constant updates on their health. Never seen anything like this before and it could be revolutionary.

8. Rome2Rio – a handy app where you input your starting place and your destination and it tells you what modes of transport to get there. You can pick any locations. So for London to NY – it will tell you which trains to take to the airport, and which flights. Pretty cool.

9. Prisma – a cool app that allows you to turn your photos into styles of art.


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