Want to know how the Big Bang sounded?!

My head hurts when I think about the Big Bang  – the moment when the universe started. How did something come out of nothing? Is there a beginning to time? Is there a multiverse? I recall a conversation I had with Cambridge University Professor on the topic. He wasn’t able to answer all my questions – at least not in way that was satisfying to me, but he did show me what the Big Bang sounded like!

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Time To Get Out Of COVID Hibernation

The past twelve months really have felt like being in hibernation. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. What helps is that spring is upon us, and so there is literally more sunlight each day. After the short dark days of winter, this makes a big difference. Most importantly, we have more visibility on the end of COVID-related lockdowns. I recently got vaccinated and I can tell you it makes a big psychological difference. Hopefully, by the summer, we should return to some normality. Therefore, now is a good time to start making resolutions for the year ahead (I find spring rather than the new year the best time for this). Here are some of my goals:

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The Three Basics For A Start-Up

The first rule of investing is to survive or put another way to avoid ruin. It’s the same for start-ups, one in five fail in their first year. Thankfully, we’re in year two at Macro Hive, so we’ve done well on this existential metric. When I think about what has allowed us to build a promising business it has to be sticking to the basics:

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Get Inspired, Read Rumi (3 min read)

I was recently speaking to a good friend, and we ended talking about the 13th-century poet and mystic Rumi. It reminded me how some words of wisdom are timeless. And in a world today that is full of noise, it’s even more important to be reminded about what is truly important. Here’s a selection of his words that I find especially relevant today*:

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How To Be Chivalrous (3 min read)

noun  /ˈʃɪv.əl.ri/  1) very polite, honest, and kind behaviour, especially by men towards women 2) the system of behaviour followed by knights in the medieval period of history, that put a high value on honour, kindness, and courage

Chivalry sounds so old-fashioned, but if any tradition needs to be revived perhaps it should be this one. What sparked my interest is a 10th-century book I stumbled across called “The Way Of Chivalry”.

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Who is the most successful person?

When you google the question, you get a list of the rich and powerful – Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Angela Merkel. But why does success have to defined by money or political power? I think the better approach is to personalise the question. So out of all the people you personally know, who is the most successful person? And what word would you associate with that person?

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The force of gravity doesn’t exist?!

Remember the story about Isaac Newton seeing an apple falling from a tree and discovering gravity? Of course, and ever since, it has seemed clear that there a force called gravity which pulls objects down towards the earth – the apple falls to the ground or when you jump you land back down. But it turns out there is no such thing as this force of gravity.

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