About Me

Me in an owl cafe in Tokyo

I love reflecting on how to live a better life, whether in terms of relationships, work or life in general. I get through two books a week, and have a guilty interest in popcorn movies. I seem to have a talent for synthesising complicated ideas. I love getting wisdom from older texts, but I’m also delving into AI right now. I have many pets (see picture below). In this blog I share my reflections as they come to me, often from the books I read.

As for my biographical details: I grew up in Oxford, studied Economics at Cambridge, went to work in macro research at JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and currently Nomura. I am an Honorary Visiting Professor at the Cass Business School in London. I also recently became a trustee at The Polka Theatre – one of Europe’s leading theatres dedicated to children. I should add that all the views and opinions expressed on this site are my own and in no way represent the views of any organisations I am affiliated with!

Coco the cat, and Bamboo the dog