Anyone Trust A Banker?

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Working in the banking sector, it’s easy to become myopic and think that everyone distrusts you, so I thought I take a look at some surveys of trust in different professions. It turns out bankers are not the least trusted profession! That honour goes to politicians in the UK and lobbyists in the US. The five least trusted professions in the UK (US in brackets) are:

  1. Politicians in general (lobbyists)
  2. Government ministers (members of Congress)
  3. Estate agents (telemarketers)
  4. Journalists (car salesmen)
  5. Business leaders (advertisers)

It’s quite remarkable that bankers don’t make the list. As for the most trusted, that honour goes to doctors in the UK and nurses in the US. The five most trusted professions in each country (US in brackets) are:

  1. Doctors (nurses)
  2. Teachers (pharmacists)
  3. Judges (doctors)
  4. Scientists (high school teachers)
  5. Hairdressers (police officers)

I can get doctors, teachers and the judiciary, but hairdressers! Perhaps this is only something that can happen in the UK! In any case,┬áit does seems like politicians really aren’t trusted in any country. It makes you wonder whether we should hand the reins over to doctors, teachers and scientists!

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