Are You Drunk While Working (Without Realising It)?!

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(excerpt from my book…)

As for working all hours of the day or excess travel, this can seriously affect our sleep. This in turn has a major impact on our general health and decision-making abilities. Lack of sleep leads to greater pangs of hunger, more inclination to diabetes, higher blood pressure, poorer immune systems and higher stress levels.  Not a great starting point for good decision making.

Then there is the startling similar effects of sleep deprivation and being drunk. In fact, one in five car accidents are thought to be due to drowsiness[1]. An important function of sleep is also to store memories, and so a lack of sleep can lead to poor memory retention. Thus, the long nights and jet-lag of bankers are setting bankers up to make terrible decisions.

[1] Luyster F.S., Strollo P.J., Zee P.C., Walsh J.K.,June 2012, “Sleep: A Health Imperative”, The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society

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