Bored of Films? 11 Foreign Films I Love

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  1. Nine Queens (Argentina, 2000). A double-crossing crime movie with a hint of Usual suspects. Great pace, and keeps you guessing.
  2. Tell No-one (France, 2006). Rather than the usual French movies of middle-aged men and young women, this is a gripping thriller. Reminded me of Harrison Ford’s Frantic.
  3. Ran (Japan, 1985). A Kurosawa classic. A re-telling of King Lear but transplanted to Samurai Japan. The best King Lear on film, much better than the supposed classic Laurence Olivier one. Slow, but worth the time investment.
  4. Raid 1/2 (Indonesia, 2011, 2014). An adrenalin rush of an action movie – better than most Hollywood. A cop infiltrates a criminal gang and fights his way to the top.
  5. Kung Fu Hustle (2004, Hong Kong/China). A mad action movie that could easily have been a cartoon, but they made it live-action. Amazing characters, funny plot and great stunts.
  6. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Japan, 1984). An early Miyazaki (‘Spirited Away’) animated feature. The story of the world at the edge of environmental oblivion and the pacifist warrior princess Nausicaa’s struggle to end war. Ahead of his time.
  7. Cell 211 (Spain 2009). A new prison guard gets stuck inside a prison taken over by the inmates. Very well done with some memorable characters.
  8. To Live (China, 1994). An early Yimou Zhang (‘Hero’). An epic movie that follows a family from the 1940s to 1970s China. Heart-wrenching at times
  9. Elite Squad 1/2 (Brazil, 2007, 2010). A searing thriller following an elite squad taking on corruption in the slums of Brazil.
  10. About Elly (Iran, 2009). Asghar Ferhadi’s film before the Oscar-winning ‘A Seperation’. This one follows a group of friends take a beach holiday. before events turn bad. Great characterisation and twisty plot.
  11. Grave of the Fireflies (Japan, 1988). The animated story of two young siblings surviving during World War 2. It will make you cry.