My Favourites Of 2017 Part 2: Movies, Books and Songs, What’s Yours?

Singer Rhiannon Giddens and Hugh Jackman as Logan

My last blog was on my favourite apps, websites and purchases of 2017, this is on my favourite movies, songs and books of 2017. Remember to tell me yours! Here are mine: Continue reading “My Favourites Of 2017 Part 2: Movies, Books and Songs, What’s Yours?”

What’s the Best Movie Of All Time?

A past blog elicited a bigger response than I expected. It was my postscript on the top grossing movies of all time when adjusted for inflation (in the US)that did it. Many were surprised that Gone With the Wind topped the rankings. So I thought I’d go deeper on movie rankings.

The starting point has be to be box office grosses, but rather than inflation adjusting and looking just at the US, how do the rankings look for the all-time worldwide grosses? Continue reading “What’s the Best Movie Of All Time?”

How Men See Women Differently and Put Them Down At Work

55-year old Tom Cruise with 33-year old Sarah Wright

I’m a man, yet I’d like to think I see beyond gender, especially at work. Moreover, I have females in my family, so I’m “incentivised” to be fair. I’m sure many of the men recently engulfed in sexual harassment and abuse scandals form Harvey Weinstein to Roger Ailes probably told themselves that too. So, am I really as “unbiased” as I think I am?  Continue reading “How Men See Women Differently and Put Them Down At Work”

All About the Zippy One-Liners (2 mins)

Sometimes I feel like watching a movie that cannot hide behind flashy CGI and the hype of modern media. One such film I saw recently was the 1950 classic All About Eve. It’s the story of an ageing actress Margo (played by Bette Davis) and an ambitious fan Eve, who entangles herself in Margo’s life. It also features an Oscar-winning performance by George Sanders, who plays the theatre critic Addison. What’s amazing about the movie is its zippy and extremely sophisticated script which hasn’t aged at all. I cannot think of many movies with better dialogue. Here are of some of the memorable lines: Continue reading “All About the Zippy One-Liners (2 mins)”

My Favourite Books/Movies/Music/Apps Of 2016, What’s Yours?








It’s that time of the year. I’ve collated my list for each category (plus podcasts). There’s been some great stuff out this year, and I’m sure I’ve missed much, so let me know what you liked!

Continue reading “My Favourite Books/Movies/Music/Apps Of 2016, What’s Yours?”

My Subversive Guide To Suicide Squad


I’m very partial to trashy action movies, including superhero ones. The trouble is that with five out already this year, it’s getting tiresome watching superheroes save the world yet again in CGI-heavy final showdowns. My way to get over the boredom is to add new subversive meanings to each movie.

The most recent one I’ve seen is Suicide Squad. On the surface   Continue reading “My Subversive Guide To Suicide Squad”

The Difference Between American and British Comedy (2 min read)


Humour tells a lot about a culture. I notice it a lot in comedy shows either side of the pond. The contrasting British and American versions of “The Office” show this in stark form. The British version had a very sad and irritating protagonist (Ricky Gervais), while the American lead (Steve Carell) was sweet (though misguided). The British one showed work to be a waste of time, while the American version had to drop that theme. Continue reading “The Difference Between American and British Comedy (2 min read)”

The Wisdom of Master Oogway (from Kung Fu Panda)


I watched Kung Fu Panda 3 recently. It was a fun movie, better than the second, but not as good as the first. My favourite character, though, remains Master Oogway – the elderly tortoise who was master of the Jade Palace. Here are some of his words of wisdom from the various films: Continue reading “The Wisdom of Master Oogway (from Kung Fu Panda)”

How Luck Looks Like Genius In Hindsight (1 min)


Jaws is the most successful “horror” movie of all time. Adjusted for inflation, it also comes in at number seven for all genres of movie*. The film is 124 minutes long. But guess when the shark first makes it full appearance? 80 minutes into the film. So for most the movie, we just hear about the shark, which is what makes it so scary. Continue reading “How Luck Looks Like Genius In Hindsight (1 min)”