The 3 Stages Of Life According to Shakespeare


The beauty of Shakespeare’s works is that they can interpreted in many different ways. One of my favourite is to think of his biggest plays as representing the three stages of life- youth, adulthood and old-age: Continue reading “The 3 Stages Of Life According to Shakespeare”

What the Kids Are Watching These Days!


It’s summer, so silly season. I thought I’d check out what the youngsters are watching these days. The first two are their popular choices, while the second two are my choice from the YouTube universe where tweens seem to live! Continue reading “What the Kids Are Watching These Days!”

Letting Your Kids Take Risks In the Real World, Not the Digital One

It’s easy to forget how young social media is. Facebook, Twitter and the I-Phone were all launched around 2006 and 2007 [1], and have since connected people in ways never seen before, Naturally the young have embraced it. While the very young may not have entered the social media world, it will likely only be a matter of time. They are already more well versed on I-phones and I-pad than us grown-ups. Continue reading “Letting Your Kids Take Risks In the Real World, Not the Digital One”

Raising Boys


I attended a talk by Philip Zimbardo a few weeks ago. He’s an accomplished psychologist known for his famous Stanford Prison experiment, where randomly selected students were assigned roles of prison guards and prisoners in a mock prison. Within days, the guards engaged in psychological torture and many prisoners passively accepted it. The experiment showed that the situation, rather than personality, caused the change in behavior.

But on this occasion his talk was on masculinity. Continue reading “Raising Boys”