China’s Dream Factory (3 min read)

I recently read a striking front-page manifesto from the Chinese Communist Party published in China’s People’s Daily. I Google translated it, edited and picked out the following highlights:

Historic turning point

October 2017 will be remembered in history as the golden autumn. The Chinese Communist Party, one of the largest political parties and most successful Marxist ones, has brought the world’s attention to China’s new era.

At this juncture of time and space there is nothing better than the word “opportunity”.The opportunity for the Chinese nation to rise strongly. China was a sleeping lion when the roar of the steam engine opened the first industrial revolution. But now we are more confident than ever before in seizing this opportunity. Indeed, a cover article from the United States in 2017 already stated that “China’s peaceful rise has become a well-established fact.”

When this idea is transformed into a vivid practice on the vast land of China, the turning point given to us by history will become a reality. A force for China to unite the agents of change and forge ahead.

This is the “leap-forward period” in which the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics is filled with wind and waves,

Xi’s achievements

In the past five years, the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its helm has done its utmost to deliver great achievements and innovations. The prospect of pursuing modernization has never been as high as it is today, and scientific socialism is glittering with vivid practices in the great East Power with a population of 1.3 billion.

The transformation of China has been astonishing: Science and tech have contributed more than 56% to growth, the share of consumption in GDP growth has exceeded 60%, and the Engel coefficient of urban and rural residents has dropped to about 30%

In global context, developments have been historic in scale: the world’s second-largest economy, a bigger contributor to global growth than the US, Europe and Japan, and a goal of “high-quality development.”

This is the most dynamic land in the world. This land is becoming a “dream factory” that gives birth to opportunities. There are dreams, opportunities, struggles, and all good things can be created. In a busy city, in a rejuvenated village, in a buzzing workshop, in a sweaty field, in a lab, on the border line … Everyone’s dream can bloom proudly into social change

We need a new spirit and diligent attitude and gentle hand on the tiller, and an enhanced grasp of complex situations. With a resolute attitude, we need to break the difficulties, and with “ten fingers playing the piano,” create the most wonderful movement.

Beacon for the world

In today’s world, the “development deficits” of “deficit reduction” and “governance deficits” come one after another, and the issue of polarization between the rich and the poor, terrorism and climate change has emerged one after another.

The disadvantages of the international political and economic system dominated by capitalism are manifold. Profound changes have taken place in the global governance system and a new international order is being built. “What’s wrong with the world? Where do humans go?” has become the “Hamlet question” of mankind. Politicians, scholars and the general public all over the world are distressed and confused by it. History has not ended.

The practice of China has provided a completely new choice for solving the common problems of mankind. Today, as mankind is becoming a common community of destiny, the world has never been so focused on China.  This initiative has opened up a vast strategic space for us to adhere to peaceful development and gain advantages.

Great opportunities for the benefit of China also benefit the world. From today’s growth contribution, trade contribution, contribution to poverty reduction, green contribution, development experience contribution and social governance experience contribution. Today’s China has become the main power source and stabilizer of world economic growth. It has become the world’s peaceful development model and human civilization. It is an important defender and promoter of progress.

The world’s eyes are moving eastward and the scenery of China has become the vision of more and more countries.

Milestones to come

These are the time nodes – marking the footprints of historical advances – that  people can aspire to:

2018 is the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up [under Deng];

2019 is the 70th anniversary of founding of new China [Chinese Communist Revolution];

2020 will see the full build-out of a well-off society;

2021 will be the Communist Party of China’s  100th anniversary;

2035, will see the basic realization of socialist modernization;

2050 will see the full construction of socialism Modern power



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