How To Fail At Twitter

I’ve just got to 2,000 followers on Twitter. Not 200K, not 20K but 2K. And I’ve been on Twitter since 2015 – so six years to get to 2K. That’s not a great result. But at least I have expertise on how to fail at building a Twitter following! Here are my top tips on how to fail at the Twitter game:

  • Don’t check Twitter that often. For the first five years, I barely checked my Twitter account and more recently I only check it once a day. Low-frequency usage means less engagement which means less profile.
  • Avoid attacking others. ‘’Any fool can criticize, condemn, or complain” said Dale Carnegie and I tend to follow that advice. This makes it much harder to engage with other tweets as it’s much much easier to criticise than to compliment. And nobody gets that bothered if you are not attacking someone, so again less engagement.
  • Avoid politics. Frankly, I find most political tweets boring – it’s either the politician is a right-wing extremist (Trump, Brexiteer) that wants to make the country like 1930s Germany or that they are a left-wing extremist (AOC, Bernie) that wants to make it like Soviet Russia. And the most uninspiring tweets point out the hypocrisy of politicians. Tell me something I don’t know! Nevertheless, if you do enter the political tweet world, you’ll quickly collect a large number of like-minded followers.
  • Avoid culture wars. Join the woke train (eg 1950s were terrible) and you can virtue signal your way to a larger following. Likewise, join the red pill train (eg 1950s were great) and you can muscle your way to one. Both sides have valid points, but Twitter is the worst place for a subject that requires nuance. Yet, it is probably the fastest way to trigger people to engage with you.
  • Avoid FinTwit tribal wars. I’m in the finance world and on Twitter, there are clear widely followed tribes. There’s the anti-central bankers, the bitcoin bros, the VC/tech utopianists, the anti-big government gang, the inflationistas, the Big Tech is evil lot, climate-is-all tribe, and so on. I’m not a member of any of these and it shows in my lack of followers
  • Don’t use memes and funny pictures. If I use pictures, it’s usually a chart. But it seems memes are much much more popular. You know like the one with the guy with his girlfriend but he’s looking back at some other woman.

So if you want a large Twitter following – do the opposite of the above 


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How To Fail At Twitter

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