How To Make Your Brain Run FAST (2 min read)

I’ve been thinking a lot of about how I can learn better. While I’ve “learnt” lots of subjects at school or at work, I’ve never really learnt how to learn. I’ve written about this topic in the past, yet I’m constantly looking to learn new techniques. One new technique I’ve recently learnt was from an interview of Jim Kwik, an expert in accelerated learning. He talks about how “to learn anything faster, you just remember FAST”, where FAST stands for:

F = forget. If you think you know it, you’re not open to learn. So forget that you know anything. Forget anything that is not urgent and important and stay present (don’t multitask). Forget about your limitations – no more “I’m terrible at languages”, “I’m not musical”, “I’m bad with numbers”. Your beliefs affect your behaviours,  so believe you are not limited.

A = active. At school, we were taught in a passive way – we sat and listened – but learning is not a spectator sport. You need to be an active learner – ask questions, take notes, surround yourself with people you can learn from.

S = state.  Long-term memory is simply information combined with emotion. If you’re feeling bored (like at school), you won’t remember. Take responsibility for your emotional state – change your posture/breathing, change your sitting or standing position to an energised one. Choose to be curious. Jim Kwik quotes Rumi: “sell your cleverness for bewilderment”

T = teach.  Learn with  the intention to teach as it will cut your learning curve by half. If you had to give a presentation on what you’re learning, you would learn differently – you would pay closer attention, make more detailed notes etc. The best teachers are the best students.

You can get more pearls of wisdom from Jim Kwik on his website.


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