How To Stay Looking Young

I was on a Zoom call recently and I noticed how someone in their forties looked very young. It could have been the “touch up my appearance” setting, but they also look young in person. So, what is the secret of such people. Over the years, I’ve asked these preternaturally young people what they do, and here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Lose weight but not too much. Too much weight makes you look old, whether it’s that double-chin or bulk around the waist. At the same time, many people go to the other extreme and become ultra-slim. The problem here is that you end up looking skeletal and old – without any fat in your face, the wrinkles show up.
  • Eat well. This partly related to weight, but in general fresh food, oils and fish seem to be good for your skin.
  • Stop drinking alcohol (and smoking). Aside from it leading to weight gain, alcohol leads to that red face effect, which can often become permanent. Excessive alcohol enlarges your blood vessels (red face) and the liver damage causes spidery veins or blotchy patches to appear. Smoking has similar affects though it works more through damaging your collagen.
  • Sleep. It’s the time for your body and skin to heal itself. And think about the bags under someone’s eyes from a lack of sleep.
  • Avoid the sun. The ultraviolent radiation ages your skin – you get wrinkles, spots and saggy skin. This is why people who do lots of outdoor activities like regular 10K runs look older than their years.
  • Moisturise often. This goes back to ancient times – that is, using some form of oils, fats and creams to moisturize your skin. It helps your skin stay healthy.
  • Surgery. Yes, I said it. Many people who look young have had surgery. This could range from Botox to hair implants. It’s easy to frown on these, but people have been using “artificial” means to look young for millennia from dying hair to skin scraping (gua sha)

But what seems to be more important than the above is related to your emotional and spiritual life. Youthful looking people also did the following:

  • Avoid holding on to negative emotions. Your emotions have a huge impact on your physicality. Anger, for example, makes your body tense, and you can often frown. These leave permanent marks on you physically.
  • Spend time with children. Nothing beats looking young than acting young. Hanging out with kids will give that youthful energy. You’ll move around more and not take things so seriously.
  • Have fun. Regularly engage in things that are light and fun. The opposite – heavy and serious – will pull you down including your sagging skin. So, don’t always get lumbered with angry thoughts about politics, religion and injustices.

Let me know what your tips are

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One thought on “How To Stay Looking Young”

  1. I think keeping your brain active is key. Keep learning and keep the brain young.
    The company you keep will have a significant impact. I read something about “energy vampires”. You will become who you spend time with. So that can be either draining (ageing) or motivating! (Youthful).
    I’m a big believer in supplements!

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