I Had A Vision Of An Awesome Comic Book

Having just watched “The Black Panther”, I’m in the mood for comic heroes. It’s an awesome movie. I would’ve written a blog on it were it not for so many well-written pieces out already (here and here). Instead, I’m going talk about comic books…

I love graphic novels, but have never really got into superhero comics. That’s changed after reading this stunning 12-part comic series. It’s called  Vision and is written  by Tom King and inked by Michael Walsh and Gabriel Hernandez Walta.

Vision is an Avenger and has featured in a few Avengers movies – the red guy with a gem in his forehead:

The story of the comic series revolves around Vision wanting to fit into the human world by creating a family and moving to the suburbs (see selected image tiles above). The plot soon becomes Shakespearean with actions of various members of the Vision family leading to tragedy. The text also creates an atmosphere of foreboding by announcing a character will die.

But what I liked most was by the Vision family’s struggle to act human. It’s a bit like Spock trying to understand Captain Kirk in Star Trek. The images and text below give a sense of what I mean. As a result not only is the book a modern-day Shakespearean tale, but it is also a meditation on what it means to be human. Buy it, read it, love it. 



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  1. I finally saw Black Panther last night – so awesome! I haven’t bought any comics in the last 10 years apart from Ms. Marvel but I think I need to add some to my 2018 reading – this is on the list, thanks!

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