It’s My Blog’s 4th Birthday! Here Are the All-Time Most-Read Posts

Roughly four years ago, I posted my first blog. It was review of a book on “Raising Boys” by Phil Zimbardo. The punchline was that boys were suffering a crisis of masculinity as they withdraw into the world of video games. I followed that by a blog called “My Optimised Morning Routine“. This eclectic mix of topics with a focus on well-being has set the tone of my blogs ever since. It’s also resulted in spin-offs like my curated newsletters and podcasts.

Blog Stats

With birthdays, it’s a good time to reflect, and I’ll do this by looking at some stats on my blog:

  • I’ve written roughly 250 posts, which is over one a week.
  • By category, I have written most on life wisdom, economics, leadership, books and technology.
  • The site has received 170,000 hits.
  • My biggest audience is in the US, followed by the UK, Singapore, India and France
  • Two-thirds of the audience are aged between 25-44. Three-quarters are male and one quarter are female.
  • The top five affinities of my audience are “business professionals”, “avid investors”, “travel buffs”, “avid business news readers” and “health and fitness buffs”.

All-Time Most Read

Now, the ten most read pieces:

  1. Why Most Teams Are Dysfunctional and How To Fix It 
  2. My Reading List For Success At Work (Part 1)
  3. The Perfect Time For Transformational Change
  4. My Daily Routine For Super Productivity
  5. The 3 Stages Of Life According to Shakespeare
  6. Does Going To a Top University Make a Difference?
  7. How Bankers Can Save the World
  8. Avengers Infinity War Revelation About God
  9. My 5 Rules Of Love
  10. 4 Eating Hacks That Could Make You Live Longer

From my side, I’ve loved the process of writing and hearing back from readers. So let me know what you think of the blog and any suggestions!


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