My 3 Resolutions For 2018

I like to make my big resolutions in spring as the weather (and sunlight) are more conducive to keeping them, but now is a good time to get some starter resolutions going – not least because the days are getting longer (yeah!) and it’s a new year! So here are my three for the start of 2018:

1. Don’t keep company with energy-sapping and cynical thoughts

Some think we should avoid the company of energy-sapping people, but I think it starts closer to home: our own thoughts. My challenge is that often my first instinct is to think critical thoughts. So if I come across an impressive person,  I want to find their faults. Or if I could launch a new initiative, I find a million excuses not to do it. Underlying this way of thinking is a fear of failure. I failed to do things that could have made me that impressive person or why start something when it could fail. But I have a choice – I can act on these negative thoughts, or I could side-step them and act from a place of positivity.

2. Learn to code

One area where my cynical thinking goes into over-drive is tech hype, especially all things related to artificial intelligence (AI). I can easily find reasons why it’s a fad: from its outlandish claims to save the world to outrageous financial valuations. But this year, I will keep an open  mind and immerse myself in AI. I will learn to code, I will use machine learning techniques and I will see the good in it.

3. Eat more vegetables

Over the past year, I’ve made some big changes to my diet. I eat for only ten hours of the day, and I’ve cut out a lot of refined carbs.  It’s made a huge difference – my emergent pot belly has receded and my muscle mass has increased. My challenge has been vegetables – I don’t eat enough! I have the occasional salad, but I don’t find it filling. The only thing that seems to work are vegetable smoothies. So in 2018, I’m going to double up on my smoothie intake!

Happy new year, and tell me what your resolutions are!



4 thoughts on “My 3 Resolutions For 2018”

  1. Bilal –
    Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts so pls keep them coming!
    Completely agree with resolution number 1 and the fact that the fear of failure is the underlying! The bottom line – stay positive, stay hungry!

  2. Hi Bilal, I used to work for DB until 4 years ago, and followed you until then. I hope this blog is a illustrative as your reports and speeches where then. I’m also in the midst of learning how to code or program, but don’t know where to start… any ideas?



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