My 5 Best Purchases Of the Year So Far (2019)

I like sharing my purchases and my last list was very popular. So here’s my list for 2019 (so far).

1 Moleskine Smart Writing Set Ellipse (£199)

I got this as a gift and I love it. It’s a special Moleskine notebook and pen that you use like a regular writing set, but it cleverly “records” everything you write, which you then see perfectly replicated on a Moleskine app. Amazing. It can even transcribe your writing into digital text, although it doesn’t work for me as my writing is too messy. I find writing with a pen and paper much better than tapping on a screen. This gives you the best of both worlds. You write and it is stored digitally.

2 SquattyPotty Ecco (£31.05)

It says it will give you the best poop in your life! It’s true. Celebs like Jimmy Kimmel and basketball star Stephen Curry rave about it. This foot stool makes you squat while you do your business. It relaxes your colon muscles and allows everything to flow easily rather than you having to force everything out (with the associated piles that come with that). You can pick the 7 inch height for beginners, but if you’re flexible enough you can go for the 9 inch height (which I went for it). But remember, keep your bathroom door locked, it’s the least elegant way of going to the toilet 🙂

3 Lencent USB Charger Plug, 4-Port USB Universal Travel Adaptor Plug (£14.72)

When travelling I end up taking lots of plugs and adaptors. It’s clunky and messy. But recently I saw someone at the airport with a travel plug with lots of USB slots. I kicked myself for not thinking about that sooner, especially as all my chargers are USB based. I tried a few different versions and I like this Lencent version as its compact and has all the country plugs I need.

4 SmartLifeTime Phone Cable Adapter, Micro USB Female to iOS (£4.99)

Sticking with the charging theme, I have lots of Apple devices which require the special lightening connector, rather than the micro USB connector that every other device requires. The Apple leads tend to be more expensive and I typically have more micro USB leads lying around. These SmartLifeTime micro USB to IOS adapters solve both problems. Simply attach to the end of a micro USB lead and you can now connect to Apple products. They cost just over a pound each.

5 “Sheriff of Nottingham” Board Game (£28.76)

This is a super fun family game with simple rules. You have to get legal and illegal goods into a market, but you have to pass through the Sheriff first. You can bluff to get more (high scoring) illegal goods through, but you don’t want to be called. Equally, you could be pretending to take illegal goods, and if you are called, the Sheriff gets a penalty. With board games, my main criteria are that the rules are easy, the game is quick and there’s an element of bluffing. This has it all.


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