My 6 Best Travel Purchases Of 2017 (so far)

I’m on the move a lot whether the commute to work or flights to other countries, so I’m constantly looking for ways to “upgrade” my travel experience. Here are 6 purchases this year that have made a difference:

1. Lululemon Para Backpack. I used to have canvas rucksack, which looked good but wasn’t practical. It wasn’t waterproof, and it had inconvenient buckles to open and close. Then I came across the Lululemon backpack. It’s got pockets and compartments in all the right areas. One I like is the large outer compartment which allows easy access to toiletries for airport security. The best thing is that it is quite compact, so doesn’t have the bulkiness of most rucksacks which can irritate people on the subway!

2. G-Ro Carry-On. Getting the right carry-on luggage is an essential for the frequent flier. When I first got my 4-wheel Rimowa, it felt revolutionary. Being able to move my bag in all directions made a big difference. But I’ve found something better – the G-Ro Carry-On. I was an early adopter and, boy, am I happy. Like my new backpack, it has pockets and sections in all the right places. It has a huge wheels, which makes it so much more solid than any other roller-bag. Oh and it has an in-built USB charger!

3. Primal Kitchen Protein Bars. When I’m travelling I often don’t have time for lunch or even to pick up a snack, so I like to stock up on protein bars. However, most are too sweet and seem to be more like candy bars. I then came across these Primal Kitchen bars, which are made of whole ingredients and aren’t full of sugar. Of the brands that you can more easily find in shops, my favourite are Bounce bars.

4. Vapur Reusable Water Bottle. I always like to have water with me, but with so many restrictions at airports, I’ve found the best solution is to use this reusable water bottle. When empty, it rolls up to become very small. Once through security, I use the water fountains to fill it up, so then I have my supply of water with me.

5. Manta Sleep Mask. When on the road, it’s essential to get good sleep. Amongst the ingredients for that is to not have any light disturbing your sleep. The problem with many hotel rooms is that they have so many random sources of lights, whether it’s spot lights you can’t turn off or indicator lights on alarm clocks or TVs that stay on. I came across this sleep mask on Kickstarter, the platform for inventors to pre-launch products. It’s by far the best sleep mask I’ve come across. Much better than the ones you get on overnight planes. The nice thing about it is that it is adjustable, so you can fit it snugly around your eyes and block ALL light out. It works like a dream!

6. Apple To TV Connector. Sometimes when I’m travelling, I just want to relax in my room and watch some good TV. But too often, the choice is terrible – it’s either news channels, some random BBC world channel or if in the US, ad-filled network TV. I don’t take an I-Pad or laptop with me, so I’d end up watching Netflix on my tiny I-Phone screen. You would have thought I could “airplay” my phone to the TV, but cross-platform incompatibility prevents that. So I’ve discovered the best hack is to buy one of these connectors that allows you to connect a HDMI cable to your I-Phone device. Now I can connect my phone to any TV. It’s great! I can catch-up on my Netflix favourites anywhere in the world.

Let me know if you have any travel product recommendations! I’d love to know.



One thought on “My 6 Best Travel Purchases Of 2017 (so far)”

  1. Hello Bilal,

    What I find really useful during my trips is my small classic victorinox, and my plastic toothbrush box.

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