My 5 Most Read Blogs Of 2018

I’ve been writing blogs for almost four years now and this year I written almost 50. I’ve checked the stats and I’ve had 45,000 hits on my site in 2018(!). The 5 most popular were: 

1)    Why Most Teams Are Dysfunctional and How To Fix It

“ Teams suffer from 5 dysfunctions: they lack trust, fear conflict, lack commitment to decisions, avoid holding each other to account and not paying attention to team results.”. And I show to fix each one.

2)    Avengers Infinity War Revelation About God

“ Thanos, the villain, clearly has a God-thing going on, the fate of the universe itself is at stake and we deal with ultimate good and evil….[He is] on the hunt for the six infinity stones, which would give him “godlike” powers!.. It would then come as no surprise that these strongly overlaps with the conception of God in religions such as Judaism..”

3)    My 5 Rules Of Love

“ I’ve asked others who have been in loving relationships for 20,30 or even 50 years. From these conversations, I’ve discovered the 5 golden rules of love…”

4)    The 3 Stages Of Life According to Shakespeare

Hamlet represents youth and insecurity, Macbeth represents adulthood and ambition and King Lear represents old age and status.

5)    My 5 Best Purchases Of the Year So Far

Include, instant table tennis, Easy Breezy Bidet and mesh wifi systems

It’s interesting that a blog dysfunctional teams comes out on top! I’m also impressed that people are so interested in relationships, theology and literature. I’m not sure what I’ll be writing next year, but hopefully you’ll find them interesting. So that just leaves me to wish everyone happy holidays, merry times and good luck with family gatherings.

Warmest wishes



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