My adventures in cooking

One of the positives of the lockdown has been that it’s forced me to cook my own meals. Before COVID, the extent of my cooking was boiling eggs and pasta. Now, I’m comfortable taking on any cooking challenge. I’ve discovered it’s not that hard to follow recipes and it provides a nice structure to the day. In fact, at random moments of my workday, I’ll think about what would happen if I added a bit more lemon juice to a recipe. A nice distraction from our dystopian times.

It also helps that we’ve got our hens. That gives me a steady supply of eggs (three a day), so I can whip a quick omelette for lunch, fry some eggs on the weekend, or make pancakes. As for my favourite dishes, it must be Indian curries, Korean barbecue beef and Chinese stir-fries. Oh, and burgers too (see picture)! The first three have the spicy taste that I like in a dish, you can make them quickly and there are a lot of variations in them. For example, with curries adding cream and butter really brings out the taste (and your waistline), while for Korean barbecue, how you slice the meat makes a difference.

And with this experience, I’m much less likely to order in and I think I’m going to go to restaurants much less (whenever the lockdown lifts). Why pay for a meal, when you can make it your own taste at a much better price.

What about my next chapter in cooking? It will have to be baking!


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