My Favourite TV Shows of 2020

I don’t think I’ve watched as much TV as I have this year. It also allowed me to catch up on older shows that I have never seen (The Wire, Game of Thrones). But there were great new shows too. Here are my favourites:

Queen’s Gambit (Netflix) – somehow they made chess look glamorous and exciting. The show could have taken a lot of dark turns, but it never did, which makes this a lovely uplifting drama

Industry (BBC/HBO) – I loved this show so much I will soon be interviewing the creators of the show on my Macro Hive podcast. The show follows a bunch of young graduates navigating the high-pressure environment of an investment bank. I particularly liked the authenticity of the trading floor. Though you need to be warned that the social lives of the grads are quite racy.

Call My Agent (Netflix) – a great French show revolving around a talent agency. It has a great mix of comedy and drama. And it has a different aesthetic to American shows, which is refreshing. Also, watch out for the regular introduction of famous French actors.

Ted Lasso (Apple) – very sweet comedy that sees an over-optimistic unknown American coach take over a struggling English football club. You don’t need to have any interest in sport, rather this is a feel-good show.

Messiah (Netflix) – Imagine, a modern-day messiah turning up in the Middle East and then coming to America and captivating the public. He performs miracles. Or so it seems. Is he a fake? Is this how religions started? Great stuff.

All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspurs (Amazon) – a documentary following the bad boy of football management, José Mourinho, as takes the reins of the club. Surprisingly addictive show and it actually made me like Mourinho

Normal people (BBC) – a tender drama that follows the relationship of the affluent and outspoken Marianne and the smart but emotionally frozen Connell. Touching.

The Boys Season 2 (Amazon) – completely over-the-top and deeply violent superhero show, where the superheroes are cynical and loathsome.

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