Our Kittens Are Growing!


The four kittens are growing, and still living under the bed. We tried moving them all (with their mum) to a different room with more space, but mum took them all back in the middle of the night! Below are some more shots of them, they are getting very cute!…

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One thought on “Our Kittens Are Growing!”

  1. I am enjoying the stories of MaMa cat and her kittens. I had a simese who had 6 kittens and at times it was a circus in our house. My two sons who were just 2 and 3 years old had a grand time with them. The goldfish though was not so pleased by one of the kittens venturing into it’s bowl. Each kitten had a unique personality. Thanks for sharing and would like to hear the ongoing adventures of Miss Kitty and her Kittens.

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