My Daily Routine For Super Productivity

Many people ask me how I am able to produce so much content. Aside from work-related research, I maintain two websites, one is this site, where I write on topics that enhance our living and another that contains my twice weekly curated lists of the best free articles on the web. I’m also putting the finishing touches on my own podcast channel (Deep See With Bilal). Besides of all of that, I still get time to read one or two books a week, spend time with family and friends and still feel like I have free time.

So how I do it? It really comes down to having a good system and being ruthless in removing time-wasting activities from my day. But to show how it works in real life, here’s a taste of my system on a typical day:

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Should You Give All Your Money To Charity?

We all know giving money to charities and helping the poor is a good thing, but the question is to what degree. At one end, you have someone like Peter Singer, the Princeton University philosopher, who once equated our lack of charity to murder:

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How To Run an Organisation To Lose Money

Every now and then you expect one thing from a book and discover something even better. That’s what I found from the book Delivering Alpha by Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg. It was recommended by a good friend* who always provides me with new insights,  so I shouldn’t have been surprised. The book describes what she has learned over that time, and the discovery was that the book was as much about how to manage as how to trade markets.

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78 Great Oscar Wilde One-Liners On Love, Life and Money

Oscar Wilde, the Irish poet and playwright, is perhaps the most quoted artist aside from Shakespeare. He even has a quote on quotes (“Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.”). It helps that he was incredibly witty, but it’s the honesty and truth that underlies the quotes that have made them stand the test of time. Here are some of his best:

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3 Big Structural Forces To Watch: Tech Cold War, Diesel Car Collapse, Liquidity Illusion.

I recently gave a speech on 3 key themes many investors are neglecting . Here’s the summary:

1)      US-China tech cold war. The essence is that the US establishment led by the US Department Of Defense (DoD) has deemed China’s tech development as a national security issue. The view has been publically articulated by US Vice President Mike Pence in his  Hudson Institute speech last October, where he talked about “using stolen technology, the Chinese Communist Party is turning plowshares into swords on a massive scale”. Meanwhile, the DoD’s venture capital unit, the DIUx, has described in a white paper that a key dimension of China’s technology transfer strategy is to invest in US start-ups, which had to be curtailed. On top of all of this, Congress has taken an increasingly hawkish stance to China.

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How Intellectuals Date

I’ve been reading the London Review Of Books for years. It features literary essays with titles like “Neanderthals, Denisovians and Modern Humans“, “On Not Being Sylvia Plath“, and “What’s It Like To Be an Octopus“. So you can imagine it attracts the intellectual-type. What is even better is that it also has a personals section for readers seeking dates. Compared to other means of dating, which rely more on swipes then reading, the quality of writing is much much better. Check these out:

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50 Practical Life Tips For 2019

The internet is full of junk, but every now and then you discover something that harnesses the full power of the internet. That something is the “LifeProTips” thread on the discussion site, Reddit. The thread allows people to post practical life tips, which others can upvote. Over the past year, I’ve discovered useful tips like:

  • “When using a public bathroom, choose the first stall” (research shows people go for the middle or last ones)
  • “Keep cookies soft by storing them in an air-tight container with a slice of bread. Cookies will absorb the moisture from the bread, staying ultra-soft for up to two weeks!”
  • “Boarding a Southwest Airlines flight  [or any airline without allocated seating] and want to keep the seat next to you open? Pull the vomit bag from the seat pocket, hold it in your hand, and rest your head on the back of the seat in front of you. No one wants to sit near someone puking” (sounds cool, haven’t tried it yet)

To share the wisdom, I’ve collated the top 50 most upvoted tips of all-time:

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My Favourite Books/Movies/Apps Of 2018, What’s Yours?

The year is almost over, so it’s time to send my list of favourites for the year: books, magazines, movies, TV and apps. I’m sure I’ve missed much, so let me know what you liked, and if I get enough, I‘ll send out a readers list!

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