Captain Marvel, Avengers Endgame and the Meaning Of God

I recently watched Captain Marvel, which introduces the final new superhero before we get the last Avengers movie – Endgame in late April. It’s great entertainment but also continues the metaphysical or God theme that been running throughout the Avengers movies, especially around the idea of the Infinity Stones and the villain Thanos.

In this podcast, I weave the stories together to describe how the Marvel Universe and by extension the modern world understands the meaning of God. You won’t hear this take on a Marvel movie anywhere else!

5 Pieces Of Advice To My Younger Self

Young people often ask me for advice, and over the years I’ve refined my thinking on what to say. I’ve ended up on 5 pieces of advice that would make the biggest difference and I wish someone had given them to me when I was young: 1) Get a mentor,2) Learn, learn, learn ,3) Understand the false god of money,4) Give charity ,5) Run towards pain

In this podcast, I discuss each in detail and even though I said this was advice for my younger self, it would apply to all ages. 

How To Eat Your Way To 100 Years Old

There are a bewildering array of diets: GI, Atkins, Paleo, Ketogenic, Dukan, Scandinavian LCHF, Banting, Bulletproof, South Beach. It goes on and on. 

All of these have there strong advocates and so it’s hard to decide which one to opt for. Thankfully, the work of Professor Valter Longo,an expert on ageing, cuts through these all to find the best diet to live long and healthy. I summarise the main findings of his “longevity” diet, which include suggestions like eating mainly vegan to time restricted eating. 

7 Principles Of Spending Money

Rather than focusing on making money, I talk about spending money – a neglected topic. There has been some good research in this space, which comes to concrete conclusions. Pulling together the research, there appears to be 7 principles we should follow when to deciding what to spend our money on. I discuss each.