January 13, 2017: TV Interview with Bloomberg on – “Trump Policy Brings an End to Reflation Trade

January 10, 2017: TV interview with Financial Times on my research on Trump, Republicans and trade policy back to the 1700s.

November 10, 2016: TV interview with Bloomberg – first reaction to Trump election win

June 24, 2016: TV interview with CNBC – just after Brexit vote comes in, my reaction.

January 27, 2015: Op-ed for Financial Times – “Europe has endured deflation before, and prospered; Policy makers should learn from history and not panic”, writes Bilal Hafeez

July 21, 2014. Op-ed for Financial Times – “Economists have a lot to learn from ‘The Big Bang Theory’, America is rich but free time is scarce”, writes Bilal Hafeez