Secrets On the Exercise Of Power


“As for preserving justice, this means keeping intact with humanity and justice, and searching out what lies within hearts, in order to mesh with them.

Searching hearts means finding out what rules them, by way of external you control the internal. If matters have complicated twists and turns, you go along with them accordingly.

That is why petty people imitating others will use this in a perverse and sinister way, even getting to the point where they can destroy families and usurp countries.

Without wisdom and knowledge, you cannot preserve your home with justice and cannot preserve your country with the Way. The reason sages value the subtlety of the Way is true because it can change peril into safety, rescue the ruined and enable them to survive”

This is taken from the controversial Chinese classic The Master of Demon Valley written around 500BC (similar time to the Sun-Tzu’s Art of War). It’s associated with an obscure school of thought known as Tsung-heng hseuh, which could be read as “the learning of freedom of thought and action”. The above extract ends the text, and typically The Master of the Hidden Storehouse is read to elaborate more on the Way.


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