Speak Like a Leader


I attended an excellent one-day workshop on “The Voice of Leadership” run by Bernadette O’Brien at the School of Life. She’s an actress, voice coach and therapist. Rather than focusing on the usual “how to start and end a presentation”-type approach, she taught us how to use our voices better.

This included warming our voices up by beating our chests like Tarzan and voicing low to high notes. Yawning and vocalising the yawn. Appreciating that we have bodies, so shaking our bodies, and planting our feet on the ground. Then there was the basics like pausing, rather than “umming”, maintaining eye contact with the audience and increasing our volume so the audience can hear us. In the end, the main message was that experiential learning, hence the workshop, was the way to get the voice of a leader. So stop reading, and start practicing!


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