Starting My New Adventure: Macro Hive With a Side Of Wellbeing

Twenty years. That’s how long I worked in banking. Aside from a very brief and unhappy start in tech M&A, I’ve spent the entire time doing research. Initially, I focused on foreign exchange markets, before widening out to global economic themes and all markets.   Along the way, I’ve grown as a person, had great teachers and made many friends.

Time for change

But in recent years, I’ve been bursting with ideas on how to do research differently, how to organise teams differently, and how to improve wellbeing and productivity both for myself and for those with whom I work. And there’s no better way to implement these ideas than building my own business.

Starting with hive intelligence

What’s the business? It’s called Macro Hive. It’s a service that finds and engages great researchers, sifts through macro research from around the web and academic world, and showcases only the best content. This solves the problem of the sheer quantity of research overwhelming investors. It also brings to attention the better researchers in the market. 

Beta version ready

The curated product will be delivered through regular free newsletters, with the first being launched later this week. You can sign up to them here. Everything will be available on the website, too, if you prefer to read that way. For the next few months, all content will be free so I can experiment and get feedback. Then, I’ll move to a subscription model costing about the same as a daily coffee, with a portion going to charity. 

Any help welcome

So far,  I’ve been getting great feedback and have been offered a lot of support including free office space, some excellent business tips, and even legal and tech help. That said, I want to take on a full-time researcher to work with me on research notes and also several part-timers to help analyse academic papers. More details can be found here. Get in touch if you’re interested.

Wellbeing journey starts in Swiss Alps

On the wellbeing and personal development front, many of you will have seen my blogs and podcasts. In this new adventure, I can now pursue these more seriously and will start by giving talks and training sessions. My first foray will be a set of talks I will give at a Peak Health Swiss retreat in September. Come along and check them out – there’s one on super-productivity and another on overcoming the comparative mindset.

Wish me luck!



13 thoughts on “Starting My New Adventure: Macro Hive With a Side Of Wellbeing”

  1. Bilal

    I wish you all the very best. I hope it goes well. I know it won’t fail through lack of effort on your part

    Good luck and I will be signing up


  2. Bilal,
    As per usual, you are doing something people will definitely appreciate!
    All the best

  3. Hey Bilal,
    Wish you all the luck in your new venture! It is going to be a super success.

  4. Bilal, wish you all the best in this new project. Looking forward to see and enjoy your research on this new platform. Good luck!

  5. Bilal
    You remain as innovative and inspirational as always and I have no doubt you will make an enormous success of your new and exciting venture.

    Congratulations on taking the initial ‘ leap of faith ‘ and I look forward to seeing it all unfold.
    Margaret and Maurice x

  6. Bilal what a brave and innovative action to take. Wishing you the best of luck and please let me know if I can help in any way

  7. Congratulations Bilal. I look forward to checking it out. This is definitely a great niche given all the research available. Having a service that wades through it all will be a time saver for sure.

    All the best,

  8. Fantastic idea Bilal – very much needed for time harassed investors. All the best for your new (ad) venture.

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