The Statistics Of Our Death (2 min read)

Death. When we hear about it, usually on the news in the form of murders and wars, it is presented as shocking and rare events. The rest of the time, we take cues from our youth-centric culture to live in a cocoon of apparent immortality. Yet, we all know we will die. It is as inevitable as paying taxes. And it much more common than we think.

Guess how many people died in the United States last year? 5,000, 100,000, more?  Continue reading “The Statistics Of Our Death (2 min read)”

What Would You Say On Your Deathbed?


I know, I know, not the most happy title to a blog, but sometimes it’s worth thinking about death as well as life. It’s amazing how we airbrush death out of our lives. On TV, social media and in magazines, all we can see is youth. On the news, death is only shown as a shocking event (usually in the form of murders and such things), yet millions die every year from old age in the US alone. It’s inevitable, and death is  the great leveller – rich, poor, black, white, religious, atheist – we all die.

So what do we think when we’re close to our last breath? Continue reading “What Would You Say On Your Deathbed?”