How To Run an Organisation To Lose Money

Every now and then you expect one thing from a book and discover something even better. That’s what I found from the book Delivering Alpha by Hilda Ochoa-Brillembourg. It was recommended by a good friend* who always provides me with new insights,  so I shouldn’t have been surprised. The book describes what she has learned over that time, and the discovery was that the book was as much about how to manage as how to trade markets.

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What Warren Buffet Taught Me (2 Mins)


Warren Buffet’s best investment years were before Berkshire Hathaway when he ran a partnership that delivered 24% annual returns after fees. The letters he sent to the partnership chronicled this period and provided a deep insight into how Buffet invested. For the first time, these letters have been accessed and turned into a book – “Warren Buffet’s Ground Rules” by Jeremy Miller. Buffet recommended the book in his most recent letter to shareholders.

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