How To Make Your Brain Run FAST (2 min read)

I’ve been thinking a lot of about how I can learn better. While I’ve “learnt” lots of subjects at school or at work, I’ve never really learnt how to learn. I’ve written about this topic in the past, yet I’m constantly looking to learn new techniques. One new technique I’ve recently learnt was from an interview of Jim Kwik, an expert in accelerated learning. He talks about how “to learn anything faster, you just remember FAST”, where FAST stands for: Continue reading “How To Make Your Brain Run FAST (2 min read)”

The 8 Essentials of Learning (2 mins)

We spend a lot of our lives learning, but we never really learn how to learn. As it happens, I recently came across a book called “How We Learn” by Benedict Carey, which synthesises the latest thinking on just that. The book feels a bit padded out, so can be read quite quickly, but it has some great points, the main ones are: Continue reading “The 8 Essentials of Learning (2 mins)”