Would You Trust “Doctor Artificial Intelligence”? (2 min read)

If you want to sound clever and entrepreneurial, just slip the words “machine learning”, “neural networks”, or “big data” into your conversations. Most people will pretend to know what you’re talking about and sound impressed. It makes it even easier, then, to simply re-label existing quantitative work as “machine learning” or “big data” and enjoy the halo effect. I should of course add that all my research is based on deep learning techniques using big data 🙂

Doctor AI

Given all of this I’ve been trying to find a good example where artificial intelligence (AI) has shown signs of making a difference Continue reading “Would You Trust “Doctor Artificial Intelligence”? (2 min read)”

The Trippy Path To Connecting With Everyone

Magic mushrroms

I’m always on the looking out for the non-conventional, so I was pleased to come across the work of Roland Griffiths. He is one of the world’s leading psychopharmacologists and works at Johns Hopkins hospital in the US. He’s done extensive work on mind-altering chemicals, notably psilocybin which is found in “magic mushrooms”.

Through giving varying dosages of this to subjects, he found that they developed more positive attitudes towards themselves Continue reading “The Trippy Path To Connecting With Everyone”