The Sins Of Isaac Newton (3 min read)

In Western society, there is a common narrative around the history of science and religion. It argues that we were on the right track of rationality and science with the classical Greeks like Plato and Socrates. Then we had a long dark ages where superstition and religion dominated. But from around the 1500s we got back on track with the Renaissance  with figures like Da Vinci, Galileo and Isaac Newton. Continue reading “The Sins Of Isaac Newton (3 min read)”

Microbe Clouds: Our New Fingerprints!


I came across a fascinating article in a recent issue of New Scientist. It describes how we all have our own unique microbe eco-system on our skin, which then rubs off into the air to form a microbe cloud, or external microbiome (the fancy name).  Continue reading “Microbe Clouds: Our New Fingerprints!”