Take Me To Your Leader


Imagine if aliens landed and asked to meet the leader of the world. Who would be the best person for them to meet? Well, late last year a survey was conducted on which leaders are most favoured in the world. Turns out that Pope Francis tops the table, followed by President Obama. The top five by net favourable score were:

  1. Pope Francis (+41)
  2. US president Obama (+30)
  3. German Chancellor Merkel (+13)
  4. British Prime Minister Cameron (+10)
  5. French President Hollande (+6)

Incidentally Chinese President Xi had more people with  unfavourable views than favourable (-3) and Russian President Putin had an even lower score (-10).

Out of the 64 countries surveyed only 4 saw the Pope with more unfavourable than favourable views (Algeria, Turkey, Tunisia and Azerbaijan), while Obama had around 10 countries with more unfavourable views.

Moreover, the Pope followed by Merkel and Cameron are more favoured than Obama in the US. Of course, the UK actually had more unfavourable views than favourable for Cameron! Obama was by far the most popular choice followed by the Pope, Merkel and Hollande.


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