The Best Macro Podcasts Of 2019

Many people ask me which podcasts I listen to, especially after the launch of my own podcast: Deep See With Bilal. There are so many, that I couldn’t fit them into one blog, so I thought I’d start with best macro podcasts. When I say macro, I mean not only economics and finance but also tech and politics. I’m not ranking the podcasts, but they are the best ones I’m come across. I also include a sample episode to give a taste of the podcast. I’m sure I must have missed some, so feel free to send me your recommendations!

Economics and markets (5)

Macro Voices – hedge fund manager Erik Townsend hosts this markets focused podcast. It starts with a run-through of all recent market developments, which leans more towards technical analysis than macro. But then they interview guests on markets from a macro angle. Guests tend to be sell-side type analysts or traders. Always good content and they also include presentation slides of the guests on their site. My work colleague, the excellent Charlie McElligott often appears as a guest, so of course you have to listen to his extended interview from January:  Charlie McElligott: Fear of the steepener

Macro Musings with David Beckworth – Beckworth is a research fellow at George Mason University. He generally interviews academics and journalists on policy and macro themes of the day. I like the balance between theory and topicality. The topics tend to lean towards monetary policy, inflation and growth and it is US-centric. A good recent  episode would be:Michael Strain on the Current State of the Economy, the Green New Deal and Populism on the Left and Right

Sinica Podcast – Old China hand Kaiser Kuo hosts this excellent China-focused podcast. They interview China experts on a range of topics. This is one of my good to sources for China knowledge. One to listen to : The US and China: Cold War or hot air?

Trade Talks – The Peterson Institute has this podcast that focus on trade issues. They interview trade experts on topical issues. Given the ructions in global trade, well worth listening to. The latest episode was on Trump versus India: Fighting over Which Poor Countries Are Special

New Books In Economics – This is not the most polished podcast and it can a bit dry but this serves the nerd in me. The host interviews an author of a new book on economics. The latest episode is good: Kate Ervine’s Carbon

Investing and trading (4)

The Knowledge Project – Former intelligence agency worker Shane Parrish interviews a broad assortment of people on all sorts of topics. He includes short summaries of the interviews. He also seems to be able to get some good finance guests who talk about how they do things. An example is an interview with the hedge fund billionaire Oaktree’s Howard Marks:   Luck, Risk and Avoiding Losers

Capital Allocators – A recent discovery for me. In this podcast,  Ted Seides – a fund-of-funds allocator – interviews people from all sides of the investment industry. So not only does he interview portfolio managers, but also the marketing and business people at the funds. A good example is this episode: Jeans Haynes, Inside Wellington Management

Conversations with Tyler – Tyler Cowen has become quite an influential economist and has a silicon valley following. In the early years of this podcast, he interviewed mainly economists, but now he’s casting his net wider, so you won’t always get macro content. Nevertheless worth checking into every and now and them. His interview with former RBI governor Rajan is worth a listen: Raghuram Rajan on Understanding Community

The Tim Ferris Show – Productivity and health hacker Tim Ferris has recently started to interview more finance people. I like his style of interviewing very thorough and practical. Check out his this recent episode: Graham Duncan: Talent Is the Best Asset Class

Big tech (3)

a16z – This is the podcast of Godfathers of Silicon Valley VC , Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. They have excellent interesting content on every aspect of tech, which often intersects with macro. Well worth a listen. Check out this recent episode as an example:  Capitalizing on an Autonomous Vehicle Future

Exponent  – Ben Thompson is an excellent technology and media analyst and author of the Stratechery blog. He’s also for some reason based on Taiwan! In the podcast he talks about contextualising the latest developments in big tech. Very insightful. Their latest episode on Senator Warren’s proposal to break up Big Tech is good: FENCE-BUILDING VS. AXE-WIELDING

TechBuzz China – While it’s tempting to think all innovation comes from the US, China is hugely innovative and in many areas is streets ahead of the US. The co-hosts Ying-Ting Lu and Rui Ma delve into the latest on the China tech scene. As an example, take a listen to: The WeChat Mini Program: The End of Apps or Not

Politics (3)

Talking Politics – My favourite politics podcast. University of Cambridge’s David Runciman hosts the podcast with a selection of experts. They talk with great rigour the topical issues of the day. It is UK and European focused with the occasional foray into the US. Great. Here’s their latest, which happens to be on Brexit: Impasse

The Pollsters – A podcast with pollsters (Democrat) Margie Omero and (Republican) Kristen Soltis Anderson. It’s a great idea to have two people discussing polls from different parties. A good way to get around the polarised nature of US political podcasts. Plus, they are pleasure to listen to and be in their company. The latest episode is: A Tour of Europe

FiveThirtyEight Politics – Another US polling guru, this time Nate Silver. He hosts this show with his team on the latest political issues. Thankfully it is a bit more poll and data-driven than many other US political podcasts, which tend to be biased to the left or right. Here’s a recent episode: Beto O’Rourke’s Path To The Democratic Nomination


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