The Perfect Time For Transformational Change

I’m in the process of re-thinking my work situation. Naturally, change, especially when the next step is not fully known, can feel a bit unsettling, but that’s the upfront emotional payment for greater future growth – no pain, no gain as they say. Importantly, the timing couldn’t be better for a big positive transformational change.

Spring in my step

We’re coming out of the dark winter days and entering spring – the season of renewal and growth. This is the time that all the hidden growth of the winter days get revealed by flowering plants, chirping birds and brighter days. In a digital world, it’s easy to detach oneself from nature, but we are of the earth, so it feels right to engage in change “in season”.

Loss and gain

I’m also writing this on Easter weekend. For Christians, this was a time of great loss – the crucifixion of Jesus, but it was quickly followed by great gain – his resurrection. It’s also Passover, which for Jews has a similar arc of starting with great suffering – being enslaved by the Egyptians, and ending with great reward – gaining freedom from the Egyptians. Whether one practises these religions or not, the stories contain meta-wisdom in that the big transformational changes only happen after very difficult phases of sacrifice and pain.

Staying anchored

So I’m embracing my change. I’m seeing it as natural as the turn in the seasons. I will feel unsettled by the uncertainty of my next step, but I know that it could be a time of personal growth. Fingers crossed 🙂


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