Time To Get Out Of COVID Hibernation

The past twelve months really have felt like being in hibernation. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. What helps is that spring is upon us, and so there is literally more sunlight each day. After the short dark days of winter, this makes a big difference. Most importantly, we have more visibility on the end of COVID-related lockdowns. I recently got vaccinated and I can tell you it makes a big psychological difference. Hopefully, by the summer, we should return to some normality. Therefore, now is a good time to start making resolutions for the year ahead (I find spring rather than the new year the best time for this). Here are some of my goals:

– Exercise more, lounging less. I do have a routine of taking walks at the start and end of my workdays, but as the lockdown dragged on, I lost my discipline around other forms of exercise. So time to get back to those runs and dead-lifts

– Read more, watch TV less. I don’t think I have ever watched more TV than in the past year. It’s been fun, but it drains your time. I’ve read fewer books than ever, so back to the books

– Less milk chocolate. I’m partial to chocolate. Normally, I would have 85% or 100% cocoa chocolate, but for some reason, the more sugar-laden milk chocolate has been easier to munch away. Time to stock up on the 100% chocolate.

– More walking without earphones. I’ve got into the habit of always listening to something when I’m walking. While it can be a nice distraction and you can learn some things, it does prevent your mind from getting a rest. You also miss out on observing nature around you.

I can think of more, but let me know yours too!


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