Tips to mentally survive the COVID lockdown

I was recently asked by a friend what tips I had to stay mentally strong during these uncertain times. Here’s what I suggested:

1) I’ve been reading and watching plague-related content! So for example, I read Camus’ The Plague and I recently watched the Korean show Kingdom (historical drama with zombies!). They give me a visceral feeling of much worse situations which makes our current situation look better.

2) I’m part of a bunch of WhatsApp groups, which gives me a sense of community in this time of non-physical community. I’m also video calling friends and family a lot more.

3) I’m meditating more. You can use a bunch of different apps like Headspace, Calm, Oak or Apnea (I use Apnea).

3) I’m going for my daily walk – helps to avoid getting cabin fever.

4) Strange as it sounds, I’m trying to see the humour in our situation. I mentioned this is in a recent podcast. So I think about the dance we all do in our daily walks to avoid being near each other (who’s going to cross the road?) or being happy to see some grapes in the supermarket.

Hope that helps!


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