What To Watch When You’re Stuck At Home

We’re getting closer and closer to a full country lockdown. That means more TV! There are some great shows to watch. You can start with some of my 2019 recommendations. But if that’s not enough, here are some new shows I’ve liked:

Messiah (Netflix) I loved this show. Imagine, a modern-day messiah turning up in the Middle East and then coming to America and captivating the public. He performs miracles. Or so it seems. Is he a fake? Is this how religions started? Great stuff.

American Horror Story (Netflix) I’m not really into horror, but this show is intriguing. It is scary, but it has a dramatic element to it with a failing family at its center. I’ve watched season one and will binge the rest.

Kingdom Season Two (Netflix) I recommended Season One before and this show is even more apt today. A plague is spreading across 16th century Korea, which turns people into zombies. The exiled Crown Prince has to take on his usurper as well as the zombies. Watch in Korean with English subtitles. Very well made.

Ragnarok (Netflix) I’m a fan of super-hero movies, and this is a great alternative take. In Norse mythology, Ragnarok represents end times, and in a small Norwegian town and high school, boy discovers he is Thor. It’s a Norwegian show, so it’s made in a very low-key way. It was fun to see a more “authentic” interpretation of the Thor story. I watched with subtitles.

Attack on Titan (Netflix) You’ll like this Japanese anime show if you enjoyed shows like Avatar: Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra. It’s very creative and revolves a young boy who has fend of the long-dormant Titans. Disturbing and moving at the same time. I watched it dubbed it in English.

Now lots of these shows are for grown-ups, so if you have to watch something with the kids, I’d recommend

Raising Dion (Netflix) about a single mother raising a boy with super-powers,

Parks and Recreation (Amazon Prime) the very funny comedy about an over-eager local councilor in Pawnee, Indiana

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Netflix) which is hilarious and silly. It features a fun cast of characters – each with their signature issues.

Let me know what you’re watching!


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