What’s the Best Movie Of All Time?

A past blog elicited a bigger response than I expected. It was my postscript on the top grossing movies of all time when adjusted for inflation (in the US)that did it. Many were surprised that Gone With the Wind topped the rankings. So I thought I’d go deeper on movie rankings.

The starting point has be to be box office grosses, but rather than inflation adjusting and looking just at the US, how do the rankings look for the all-time worldwide grosses? Well, James Cameron’s Avatar comes out on top with a whopping gross of $2.8bn (see table below). Another Cameron movie comes in at number 2, Titanic, followed by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Some surprises on the list are Jurassic World at number 4, Fast and Furious 7 at number 6 and this year’s Beauty and Beast at number 10.

For the geeks among you, I would add that the biggest worldwide opening weekend gross belongs to 2017’s The Fate and the Furious at $542mn. As for actors, guess which actor has acted in the largest combined grossing movies of all time?….Samuel L. Jackson – thanks to his appearance in various Marvel movies, the Star Wars prequels and the animated The Incredibles.  And which actor has earned the most for a movie(s)? It is Keanu Reeves who received $160mn for the Matrix sequels.

Of course  money isn’t everything, so let’s look at critic reviews courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes . The combined reviews show that the top movies is The Wizard of Oz, followed by Citizen Kane and The Third Man (see table below). Number 4 has to be a surprise – it’s this year’s Get Out. A good movie but ranked higher than the Godfather?! I should add the so-called experts don’t always get it right. Think about the Oscars – in 1942 the movie How Green Was My Valley beat Citizen Kane to win Best Picture (yes, I also have never heard of How Green Is..), in 1974, the actor Art Carney(Harry and Tonto) beat Al Pacino (Godfather II) and Jack Nicholson (Chinatown) to win Best Actor and finally in 1980 Kramer vs Kramer beat Apocalypse Now to win Best Picture.

Finally, what do viewers think of movies, we can use IMDb to find out. I should say that it likely reflects the views of teenage boys, who provide most of the reviews. Anyway, leaving that small detail aside, the top movie is The Shawshank Redemption, followed The Godfather I and The Godfather II (see table below). Then comes The Dark Knight – hmm, it does look geared towards teenage boys. Maybe we can’t this list that seriously! So you better tell me your list of top movies!



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